A century old Signature

For more than a century MAISON GINESTET has belonged to, and been run by, men and women who are committed to developing and promoting Bordeaux wines.

The ginestet family heritage : “Signé Ginestet” a century old signature


Fernand Ginestet

The pioneer

1897, Fernand Ginestet founds “Ginestet & Co” and settles on the symbolic Quais de Bacalan in Bordeaux. Demonstrating true entrepreneurial vision, Fernand Ginestet applies himself to uniting its interests of viticulture and trade. He pioneers what is today called the “Interprofession Bordelaise”, by creating the “Estate and Trade Union”, which in 1948 becomes the Bordeaux Wine Council.


Pierre Ginestet

The communicator


Bernard Ginestet

The writer


The Ginestet brand was born

Château Margaux 1970
The ‘Signé Ginestet’ capsule adorns fine wines such as this 1970 Château Margaux, at the time owned by Maison Ginestet.
To further enhance the signature we have created a new bottle engraved with an eagle, the Maison Ginestet emblem, and ‘Signé GINESTET’ capsules heavily influenced by the first design.

An International Signature

In France and abroad, the Ginestet signature represents a true benchmark.

With the support of its offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dallas, it offers a perfect balance between a respect for tradition and modernity.

puce“Signé Ginestet”, an international Signature