• A century old signature
    The ginestet family heritage : "Signé Ginestet", a century old signature
    Signé Ginestet, une signature centenaireSigné Ginestet, une signature centenaire
  • Collection Grandes Appellations
    Maison Ginestet created the “COLLECTION GRANDES APPELLATIONS”,
    it is a selection coming from the finest properties of the most outstanding terroirs to allow the wine lovers to share the magic of these great wines.
    Collection Grandes AppellationsCollection Grandes Appellations
  • Ginestet
    Made with a selection of our best batches of wine, this product reflects the age-old skills of our company.
    Produced and matured under the watchful eye of our oenologists, this wine boasts all the qualities of the “Grands Vins de Bordeaux”.
    With the FERNAND range, Maison Ginestet pays tribute to its founder and honours his spirit of innovation, sharing and conviviality.
    Fernand - Vins françaisFernand - Vins français